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ERP Comparison Chart Between Dynamics AX, Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV

ERP Comparison

ERP Comparison Chart Between Dynamics AX, Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV So, you’ve done some research and you’ve heard good things about the various Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems. But you’re still confused on the ideal fit of each of the solutions and which one(s) work best for your needs and why. Well, this article is […]

5 Signs Your Business is Ready for an ERP Implementation

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Have you asked yourself, “Can I scale faster? Is there a more efficient way? How can I leverage my resources better?”  These questions have been asked by leaders, renowned business executives, inventors and innovators for as long as business has been around. In the modern era of technology, questions like these have been answered in many […]

Comparing Quickbooks to Dynamics 365

So you’re a new business owner, or maybe you’re the CEO of a scaling startup? Either way, you are excited about the strides you’ve already made with your business and you’re ready to take things to the next level. Meaning, you need business management tools that will make your life easier and your company more […]

Don’t Panic, A New ERP Solution Is Easier Than You Think


Many business leaders believe that implementing a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system into their business requires serious thought. And, it does. But while concern has its place, high level executives tend to over-complicate this process.  An ERP implementation comes with obstacles, sure, but obstacles can be found everywhere. The mindset shouldn’t be well it’s […]

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Calsoft “Best for the World Honoree” in Governance


​Last Tuesday, I (Emina Bajara) had the honor of receiving the “Best for the World Honoree” in Governance award on behalf of Calsoft at the B-Corp Champions Retreat Conference in Los Angeles. Wait — What’s This All About? A B-corp is a for-profit company that is dedicated to using business as a force for good. […]

Calsoft Works Hand-In-Hand with Habitat for Humanity


Beyond generating sales and helping our clients drive growth to their businesses, Calsoft’s bigger mission is to positively impact the world. In a recent initiative to support local families in need, the Calsoft team dedicated a full working day to renovating a home for local Torrance families.  In the middle of October 2019, Calsoft partnered […]