AX for Auto, an EDI solution for automotive suppliers

Automotive suppliers face challenges with Microsoft Dynamics AX as there isn’t an out the box EDI tool for work in progress reports. Calsoft Systems is pleased to work with automotive suppliers and present AX for Auto, an in-house developed EDI solution.


  1. Reports that are missing such as work in progress reports now have production and labor data registered as master data in AX.
  2. The AX for Auto tool developed in-house allows costs of good data to be created more easily and with higher accuracy.
  3. Work in progress reports now show up with just a few clicks.
  4. AX produces cost data with actual production data as well.
  5. Finally, EDI data can be imported automatically.


Under the assumption that an automotive supplier typically takes 2-3 hours to process 2 weeks worth of orders, with 6 weeks of data, Auto for Auto now takes .5 hours. This benefit of AX for Auto can save labor costs in range of about $25k-$40k a savings past down to the company.


Read more about AX for Auto at,


Reach out to Jonathan Pride, Calsoft Systems at 310.532.5000x:110 or to learn more about how AX for Auto can optimize your business processes and increase the ROI of your AX system.

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