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Bank reconciliation, a case for Microsoft Dynamics

As an accounting manager, bank reconciliation can be a stressful time. It is a public company’s obligation to provide the public with accurate company statements and is the responsibility of the CFO and accounting team. Costly errors for example in the fixed asset account, expense account and payroll account can be a time intensive process […]

Best Practices for Your ERP Database Back-Up

As a distributor, manufacturer or a logistics service provider, etc. The data in your financial system is as important as the inventory in your warehouse. So of course it’s a no-brainer that your financial databases should be backed up on a nightly basis. But are you avoiding the mistake that most companies make regarding the […]

Why BI360 May Be The Best Budgeting And Planning Software

Are you looking for a budgeting and planning tool with the flexibility of Excel but the automation of an enterprise application? Do you tell yourself there’s got to be a budgeting tool like Excel but has more powerful workflow and controls? Well you’re right! Take BI360 as an example. It offers all of the benefits […]

Fixed Bid vs Time And Material Contract For ERP Projects

As a small company grows, it is common to find a traditional system getting more difficult to adapt with the changing business needs and increased processing data.  Then, many such companies will consider implementing a new accounting/ERP system to solve their growing pains. For instance, let’s assume a company that is considering to implement a […]