Founder’s History

Before Nem and Yoko Bajra founded Calsoft in 1994, Nem was a software developer at a company in Southern California where he developed one of the first security systems for use with a PC in the 1980s, when PCs were still in its early stages. The worldwide success of this security software led the company to undergo a corporate takeover which brought upon significant changes to the company culture – and triggered Nem’s first steps toward forging his own path as an entrepreneur.

Calsoft Systems was built to create affordable custom-built software for small to midsize tour companies using Nem’s 15 years of software development experience. Nem and Yoko studied the tour industry and became familiar with the ins and outs of running a tour operation business. Nem then designed a user-friendly system to create and manage tours, which propelled the customer’s business performance to new levels. Even today some of the world’s biggest players in the tour industry have remained a part of Calsoft Systems’ growing clientele.

Calsoft trajectory in the following years reflected the software industry as a whole, including the boom and pop. When the industry struggled, the Bajras looked for ways to successfully manage their business. Nem began to focus internally on building a strong management team, unified by a dream of taking Calsoft to the next level. The Bajras also clearly defined Calsoft Systems’ mission as helping clients business improve performance, seeking professional and financial growth for all employees, and serving the community.

Calsoft Systems’ focus on teamwork and mission helped to shape the flexible, resilient and caring company that operates today and that continues to grow after two decades.

Today Calsoft Systems provides tailored ERP solutions that maximize business performance for hundreds of clients all around the world.