Industrial Machines & Components

Client Industry

Manufacturing (Linear Motion Systems for the Machinery Industry)

Client Profile

A U.S. subsidiary of a Japanese linear motion systems manufacturer. About 300 employees in the United States.

Business Challenges

Client had difficulty visualizing manufacturing cost and analyzing profitability. It sought to establish a global standard for the entire group organization and implement a global roll-out for all subsidiaries.


  • MC Frame Cost Management by Toyo Business Engineering
    • Cost Management: Profit Analysis, Budget vs Actual Analysis, Cost Reporting
  • Users: 3


Established a global standardized system for calculating manufacturing costs in the client’s 28 group factories worldwide.

Why They Chose Calsoft

  • Local support for MCFrame: Calsoft is the only United States partner for MC Frame, and the only domestic company that can work directly in partnership with Toyo Business Engineering on client projects.