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VOX ISM – CalSub Invoice Automation and Optimization 

Company Information

Business Type: Business Solutions Software Provider

Industry: Manufacturing and Distribution

Location: Toronto, Canada

Number of Users: 3



VOX ISM is a Microsoft Dynamics Triple Gold Partner in Canada specializing in implementing Microsoft business solutions software, including Dynamics 365 Business Central, CRM, and Office 365. They have over 800 clients and 20 years of experience in the software industry and specialize in the Manufacturing and Distribution industries. VOX ISM’s mission is to help Canadian manufacturers and distributors grow their businesses.

Project Overview – The Business Need

Recently, VOX ISM had started charging clients a recurring fee every month, whereas before, they had a different way of charging clients where it wasn’t the same amount on a regular schedule. VOX ISM sells Microsoft Dynamics licenses that work on a subscription model, and recently, some of their labour services are also being billed at a consistent fee each month. This new situation required a recurring billing solution to handle this kind of subscription business model. This is why VOX ISM became interested in the benefits of CalSub.  

Pain Points

Andre Ouellette, Controller and Business Central Consultant at VOX ISM, manage these subscriptions for VOX ISM’s clients. He’s been responsible for invoicing customers every month. Staying on top of this process relied heavily on a system predicated on continuous reminders, which required Andre to manually set up several numerous reminders into their system.

VOX ISM understood the importance of accurate and timely invoicing, not only for their bottom line, but for maintaining a high level of reliability with their clients. 

In addition to manual processes, Andre said, “invoicing manually took a great deal of time.” This created inefficiencies for their team and produced additional labour costs for VOX ISM.

VOX ISM needed a subscription management solution to use with their own Microsoft Dynamics Business Central system to automate and optimize their clients’ monthly invoicing.

“The more automation, the better,” said Andre. “Especially since we were expecting to handle around 50-70 monthly invoices in the future.”

VOX ISM’s president Jim Heaton found Calsoft’s subscription management solution CalSub on the Microsoft marketplace, AppSource.

Our discovery phase is generally direct and to the point. We reached out to Jim and provided him with a company introduction, followed by a few initial discussions and a demo of our capabilities. The VOX ISM team liked the solution and noticed that Calsoft was also a winner of the Microsoft US partner award for Business Central, which was a plus.

What do you like about CalSub?

The overall features are great, says Andre. He especially likes the flexibility of specifying additional requirements to existing subscriptions, such as when the next bill/service/project on specific contracts will be initiated and quickly adjusting subscription options between monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.

What were some results achieved and what Impact did they have on  your business?

Now that VOX ISM is using CalSub, their invoices are automated and sent on time to their clients. Instead of spending hours handling every invoice on a manual basis, the entire action is now handled in a single batch with a click of a button. VOX ISM is now prepared and confident that they can handle 50-70 invoices or more per month.

Aside from the optimization, accuracy, and reduced labour, CalSub also provides expanded benefits using Power BI to generate subscription reports. With a reliable system to handle their invoices on time, VOX ISM now enjoys improved revenue forecasts, accurate reconciliation on a month-to-month basis and on-time invoices. Our team at Calsoft was happy to work with VOX ISM by implementing CalSub.

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