Dynamics 365 for Telecommunications/IT/Media

Efficiently Manage Businesses within the Telecom / Media Entertainment Industry

Recent strains on the telecommunications and media industry have also increased the need for comprehensive and unified solutions capable of exceeding operational requirements. We are ready to assist in streamlining your business operations while ensuring customer/client satisfaction 

Dynamics 365 for Telecom and Media 

Leveraging data-driven project management capabilities, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Telecom / IT and Media / Entertainment provides a comprehensive platform to successfully complete customer requests and projectsAddressing modern challenges incurred by service-based businesses, Dynamics 365 brings powerful solutions to market.

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Project Management 

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*More available modules: Manufacturing, Service, Warehouse, HR Management, CRM etc. See more detail on Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 page. 

Welcome to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – Business Central | Microsoft Docs 

Target Telecommunication / Media Entertainment Businesses


Businesses operating and providing services to the commercial and residential telecommunications industry. Examples include: 

  • Communications Carriers 
  • Internet Service Providers  
  • Digital Marketing Firms 

IT / Information Technology

Businesses within the information technology sector that are looking to optimize operational efficiencies while reducing cost and increasing customer satisfaction Examples include: 

  • Information Technology Consulting Firms  
  • Software Resellers/Developers/Support 
  • Information Technology Device Resellers/Producers  
  • Cloud/Network Service Providers  
  • Call Centers 
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Media / Entertainment

Businesses operating and providing products/services to the Media/Entertainment industry. Examples include:  

  • Character / Brand Licensing & Publishers
  • Newspaper, Digital Media, and Magazine  
  • Video Game Publishers / Developers 
  • Entertainment and Movies Facilities  
  • Studio (TV / Animation / Streaming / Equipment) 
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Key Features for Dynamics 365 for Telecom / IT and Media / Entertainment Businesses

  • Warranty Management (Data Center Equipment, etc.):

Warranty can be added/updated directly from Purchase Order Page or from a custom page.


  • Job Management (manage associated cost and profit of hardware/software/labor under a project):

The information for any project, including stand-alone project, maintenance or colocation can be entered in Job Card.


  • Prepayment and NRC/MRC Management:

From Job Task Line, user can choose to create NRC or MRC (Recurring Master Invoice).


  • Multi-tiered Network Management (parent-child relationship within Business Central):

Network related service can be managed in multi-tiered layer.

  1. Job Card is used to store Network related information. Network Service Items can be created directly from Job Card.
  2. HW Service Item Card is created, where it is possible to associate NW service Item Card.
  3. NW Service Item can be registered using parent-child relationship.


  • Avatax (Avalara) Communication Tax Integration (3rd party add-on for Dynamics 365):

In order to calculate telecommunication tax and issue invoices from NAV/Business Central, Telecommunication calculation engine is built to integrate with Avalara’s communication tax API.

Warranty Management

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Multi-Tiered Service Management

CalSub for Dynamics 365 Subscription Service Management

Integrating directly into Dynamics 365 Business Central, CalSub provides an all-in-one solution for subscription management within the service industry. By integrating your subscription needs with sales, finance, and operational processes, you are able to reliably increase your flow of revenue with automated invoicing and accurate financial reporting.  

Increase Your Flow of Revenue, Reliably.

Unify Your Systems

Built on top of Dynamics 365 BC for optimal business performance and growth. 

Automate Your Invoicing

Invoices are automated, clear, compliant, secure and easily accessible. 

Visualize Your Service Data

Visibility you need to deliver your service or product with accuracy and professionalism. 

Key Functions

  • Subscription Management (Registration, Update, Termination, Contract Renewal)
  • Billing Management (Sales Invoice, Corrective Sales Credit Memo)
  • Month-end Processing (Subscription WIP Calculation)
  • Report & Analysis (Activity Change Log, Posted Subscription Invoice Lines)

Key Features 

  • Subscription Card, where subscription details such as customer details, as well as subscription details are managed. 
  • Issue Sales Invoice, a function that transfers the subscription details to Business Central’s native Sales Invoice function, to issue invoices. 
  • Integration with other tables in Business Central such as Customer Ledger Entries to view the relationship to source Subscription Card. 
  • Each subscription has activity logging, and can trace the changes made to each subscription. 
  • Subscription management is equipped with calculating “deferred revenue” for prepaid subscriptions. 

To learn more about how CalSub can assist in maximizing your business within the subscription service industry, contact us. 

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