Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Process & Discrete Manufacturing 

Empower Your Manufacturing Business on the Cloud with Industry 4.0 Technology

Streamline your manufacturing operations and transform your business with powerful data continuity from your shop floor to top floor.

Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

Process and discrete manufacturers are experiencing rapid industry shifts that demands cutting-edge, comprehensive, and intelligent technology.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for process and discrete manufacturing has countless capabilities — including MRP, shop floor control, and supply chain management –  that optimizes your manufacturing operations and strategy.

Powered by Azure and Dynamics 365, Calsoft addresses the complex and specific challenges your manufacturing company faces so you can stay ahead in today’s global market.  

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Project Management 

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Manufacturing Management 

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*More available modules: Manufacturing, Service, Warehouse, HR Management, CRM etc. See more detail on Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 page. 

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Target Businesses

Process Manufacturers

For businesses using formulas or recipes to produce goods that cannot be broken down at the end of the production cycle, usually in bulk quantities. These businesses can perform project-based activities pertaining to a wide variety of industries. Examples include:

  • Food and Beverage 
  • Paints and Coatings 
  • Specialty Chemicals 
  • Bulk-Drug Pharmaceuticals 
  • Nutraceuticals 
  • Cosmeceuticals and Personal Care 
  • Chemical, Tire, and Process Industries (CTP) 
  • Textiles 
  • Semiconductor Fabrication 
  • Steel and Aluminium Processing 
  • Aircraft and Spacecraft 

Discrete Manufacturing 

For businesses performing project-based activities in order to manufacture distinct items. These items are often easily identifiable and are counted by unit production. Examples include:


Charge Forward with Industry 4.0 for Your Manufacturing Business 

Calsoft’s specialized experts enable automation, data continuity, and intelligence from every level of your manufacturing business, building digital threads within your company and across your supply chain for visibility and responsiveness you never thought possible — all powered by Microsoft technology.

Contact us to see why our customers choose us over industry-leading specialized manufacturing solutions like JustFoods, Deacom and Plex.

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Calsoft’s WMS & Barcoding IP for Dynamics 365

For today’s manufacturers, an advanced warehouse management system is critical for success

Calsoft’s mobile WMS is designed to cover the complex functionality and compliance required of manufacturers that are missing in standard WMS solutions.

Calsoft’s WMS integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Calsoft’s WMS sends real-time factory and warehouse data horizontally across your supply chain, and vertically into Microsoft Dynamics 365 – all through the cloud. 

The efficiency, accuracy, automation and visibility that WMS brings across your manufacturing operations and into your analytics will be a powerful component for leveraging Industry 4.0.


The Future of Manufacturing is on the Cloud with Dynamics 365

Manufacturing firms are among the first and most eager cloud adopters, compared to other industries. Why? The convergence of Information Technology and Operations Technology.

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Case Studies


A large Japanese snack manufacturer, selected Calsoft and Business Central over JustFoods and Deacom.


A leading provider of innovative products and solutions to the automotive industry. 

Inventory Planning and Management

erp inventory data

Key Benefits for Dynamics 365 for Process and Discrete Manufacturing

  • Manage factory and warehouse inventory within a single unified system and visualize quantity of WIP products  
  • Respond quickly to demand changes by auto data import through EDI integration 
  • Automate production planning and purchasing planning by the Master Production Scheduling function 
  • Reduce time used in data collection and planning and instead focus on actual analysis 
  • Capture future inventory issues in advance by warning the possibility of delay or stock-out by system 
  • Integrate and manage planning, orders, actual achievement of sales, manufacturing, and purchasing to use accurate inventory data across your company 
  • Real-time inventory balances provide accurate inventory data at all time 
  • Enhanced response time through forecast inventory balance in addition to current inventory 
  • By integrating accounting and other functions in ERP, user can reduce time required for monthly closing and HQ reporting 
  • Increase accuracy and quickness in the closing process 
Business central dashboard

Transform Your Sales with Calsoft’s Manufacturing IP and Solutions

for Dynamics 365 for Process and Discrete Manufacturing

Demand Forecast and Purchase Planning      

One of the most important tasks for a manufacturing business in the food/beverage industry is to calculate the right amount of inventory to prevent shortages, taking into account the various sales channels, promotions, past sales performance, seasonal demand fluctuations and other factors.  At the same time, it is essential to manage your inventory by optimizing purchasing operations according to the contracts with each supplier. Calsoft provides Demand Planner, a comprehensive demand analysis and forecasting tool, as a solution to solve such problems.

For lot management requirements, expiration dates can be set for each lot, and the appropriate actions can be taken and controlled according to the expiration date. 

Production Management for Dynamics 365 for Process and Discrete Manufacturing

Calsoft IP: Formula/Recipe Management (Add-On for Business Central)

In addition to the basic functions of issuing work orders and recording the results, such as setting up work centers and recording the results of these operations, Calsoft’s Food & Bev Industry IP for your ERP system can record and manage the recipe information for both prototype and mass-produced products, enabling the accumulation of know-how for product development for new businesses and the management of recipe approval records for mass production.

Quality Control (Add-On for Dynamics 365)

In order to ensure food safety, quality records and manufacturing processes need to be closely linked within the system. In addition to simple pass/fail records, CALSOFT supports various quality inspection items such as selecting from a list of answers and entering numerical values for compliance criteria. The system can also issue a Certificate of Analysis Report for the inspection results.

Products undergoing quality inspection can be controlled to prevent them from proceeding to the next process as QC HOLD.

Calsoft IP: Warehouse Management (Add-on for Dynamics 365)

Your Warehouse Records: Mobile, Digital, and Real-Time 

The conventional exchange of paper slips for business instructions and records brings risk to your business through human errors and inefficiencies. A mobile WMS (Warehouse Operation Support System) using mobile terminal digitizes and automates your warehouse data in real-time, enabling accurate and powerful efficiency throughout your operations and analytics. The system can be used for a variety of purposes, from receiving raw materials and shipping finished products, to recording container condition inspections and recording production volume at the manufacturing site, etc.


  • Shipping to Customer (picking, shipping, load tracking, etc.)
  • PO Item Receiving
  • Production Order Record
  • Assembly (Pallet Builder)
  • Transfer Order
  • Container Inspection
  • Inventory Count
  • Inventory Inquiry
  • Fully Integrate with Dynamics 365 BC

Analyze Your Data: Business Intelligence (BI) Tools

Calsoft develops and provides BI reports from the vast amount of business data stored in Dynamics 365 ERP in a format that suits the needs of each responsible department. We provide the most suitable reporting solution for each application.

Example Dashboards:

  • Warehouse operations, daily target dashboard
  • Manufacturing operations, daily target dashboard
  • Manufacturing cost analysis report
  • Budget management (cost vs. budget, sales vs. budget)

Production Equipment Maintenance (McFrame: Signal Chain Maintenance)

This solution records data from manufacturing equipment for maintenance and repair management. It automates reminders to a dedicated maintenance schedule calendar, and inspection records can be stored in a variety of formats (input, photo, video, etc.). The system can also accumulate maintenance data and intelligence for the future by recording repair requests and their resolution together.

To learn more about how Dynamics 365 for process and discrete manufacturers can assist in maximizing your business within the manufacturing industry, contact us. 

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