CargoWise Interface with Toyo Signal


What is CargoWise Interface with Toyo Signal?

This is an interface that imports the Toyo Signal file to CargoWise. The data that is imported will update the sailing schedule information such as ETA, ATA, ETD, ATD and others. This will then update the consolidation allowing automatic updates to the consolidations. The operators don’t have to manually update them and therefore can spend more time focusing on the other key operations.


List of Functions

  • Processing the Toyo Signal EDI file from FTP location

  • Updating CargoWise Sailing Schedule based on determined criteria

  • E-mail notification

Benefits and Target Customers

Target customers will be custom brokers, importers/exporters, freight forwarders, shipping brokers/NVOCC.


  • Helps eliminating duplicated manual entries
  • Integrates from Toyo Signal system for your time sensitive and critical operational data
  • Provides visibility to the schedule statuses to avoid missing updates.


specs toyo signal

Information is changing the future of ports and maritime logistics | TST Corporation


screen toyo signal

CW Sailing Schedule Screen that will be updated

High Level Interface Diagrams of Data Flow

diagram toyo signal

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