Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Oil/Energy 

Efficiently Manage Businesses within the Oil and Energy Industry

Increasing demand in the oil and energy sector has caused many businesses to consider transitioning towards a full-scale ERP system for managing business operations. With your business’ unique requirements in mind, we are ready to assist in streamlining your daily operations while ensuring customer satisfaction 

Dynamics 365 for Oil and Energy

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a comprehensive platform to successfully optimize supply chain network strategies within the oil and energy sectors. Addressing modern challenges incurred by manufacturing, distribution, and service-based businesses, Dynamics 365 brings powerful solutions to market 

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Project Management 

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Manufacturing Management 

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*More available modules: Manufacturing, Service, Warehouse, HR Management, CRM etc. See more detail on Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 page. 

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Target Businesses


Businesses developing products and performing manufacturing-based activities to support the oil and energy industry. Examples include: 

  • Equipment Producers 
  • Specialty Chemical Refinement 
  • Lubrication/Motor Oil  
  • Etc.  

Wholesale Trade  

Businesses within the Oil and Energy sector that are looking to optimize operational efficiencies while reducing cost and increasing customer satisfaction. Examples include: 

  • Petroleum Transportation 
  • Refined Petroleum Products  
  • Natural Gas 
  • Commercial/Residential Generators 
  • Etc. 


Service-based businesses within the oil and energy sector that are looking to optimize operational efficiencies while increasing customer satisfaction. Examples include: 

  • Temporary Power Provider 
  • Electric Utility Companies  
  • Solar Installation 
  • EV Charging  
  • Etc. 

Key Benefits


  • Effectively manage all parts of your business through a unified ERP solution  
  • Accurate financial reporting allows you to predict trends and allocate resources appropriately 
  • Utilize Dynamics 365’s modern cloud flexibility by accessing real-time data from multiple devices 
  • Quickly access accurate insights into all aspects of your business 
  • Store all communication between customers in one single location 
  • Leverage seamless integration with Microsoft applications  
  • By integrating accounting and other functions in ERP, user can reduce time required for monthly closing and HQ reporting 
  • Increase accuracy and quickness in the closing process 
Business central dashboard

Calsoft’s Dynamics 365 Interface Pack for Oil and Energy

Calsoft’s Dynamics 365 Interface Pack streamlines the accounting and operational process for businesses within the Oil and Energy industry. This interface combines ease of use and rapid deployment capabilities that can be easily extended to meet the requirements of your organization’s operations. 

The interface pack provides enterprises an environment to appropriately manage the processes of customer/vendor master, AR and AP to ensure that you are managing the profiles, accurately paying providers, billing customers, and accruing costs and revenue at the defined point in time required by your operational process. It provides high visibility to your business across your entire organization.

Increase Your Flow of Revenue, Reliably.

Oil/Energy Interface Pack


  • Customer synchronization across Dynamics 365 
  • Vendor synchronization across Dynamics 365
  • Accounts Payable (3rd Party Provider Invoice Payment) 
  • Accounts Receivable (Customer Billing) 
  • Auto-Apply AR Credit Note
  • ACH Payment Data Import for Custom
  • Inter-branch billing in the same entity but different branches
  • Accrue costs and revenue recognition

Key Benefits 

  • Improve efficiency while mitigating the need to perform duplicate invoice entry between Dynamics 365 and ETRM systems.
  • Achieve high visibility into which modes are contributing the most towards your revenues. 
  • Maintain data accuracy and reduce operational expenses as a result of the streamlined integration between systems. 

To learn more about how Calsoft can assist in maximizing your business within the Oil and Energy industry, contact us. 

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