CargoWise Outbound Controller

What is CargoWise Outbound Controller?

Calsoft’s Outbound Controller (OC) streamlines global transport and logistics operations by seamlessly delivering outbound files and data from CargoWise to various systems. This integration is crucial for Freight Forwarding systems and beyond. The OC is essential for distributing files to multiple destinations, addressing CargoWise’s limitation of only allowing outbound data transmission to a single location.

High Level Diagram of Sample Data Flow

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As CargoWise EDI consultants and partners, the Calsoft team possesses in-depth product knowledge, skills, and experience to improve your business operations. 

We specialize in seamlessly integrating CargoWise with your existing systems and providing expert guidance on how to optimize your supply chain and logistics operations. We are experts in CargoWise data integration, which enables businesses to streamline their operations, reduce manual workload, and improve efficiency. Trust Calsoft to be your trusted CargoWise EDI partner and take your business to the next level.



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