Food and Beverage

Case Study

Case Information

Location: San Francisco, CA

Number of Users: 10

Type of Company: Manufacturing (Food)

Former Solution: N/A


Client is an OEM manufacturer of liquid and dry food products and a U.S. subsidiary of a large Japanese food industry leader. With its headquarters in Japan, this client has two locations in U.S. and with plans for expansion in the near future.


Batchmaster ERP


  • All business data is now stored in an integrated database, bringing the following benefits:
    • Inventory data in the system and the actual physical inventory match in real-time 
    • Ability to make smarter decisions more quickly, due to instant access of reliable information, reporting, and eliminating manual works 
    • Automated processes for greater efficiency
  • Streamlined Operations eliminated redundant data entries, errors, and extra costs, preparing Client for business expansion
  • With stable system support and software/hardware maintenance by an IT business partner, client could now manage its IT foundation and achieve operational excellence

Modules Implemented

  • Distribution Module
  • Manufacturing Module
  • Inventory Module
  • Cost Management Module
  • Recipe Management Module

Business Challenges

Client’s combination of Access, Excel and Quickbooks to handle all its business processes such as manufacturing, inventory and financials was causing critical business information to spread across multiple applications — jeopardizing accuracy. The client was also aware that its operations depended too heavily on its employees’ know-how. Client sought to standardize its operations to scale for business growth.

Client Testimonial

(Currently being updated)

Why They Chose Calsoft

With offices throughout North America and Asia, our mission is to maximize our clients’ business performance by understanding their needs and applying our in-depth expertise in Microsoft Business Software.


Calsoft’s superior understanding of client’s business operations, its needs/requirements and the proposed solutions for meeting those needs.


Calsoft strong understanding of business requirements for the food manufacturing industry and solution proposal of an industry specific solution, BatchMaster ERP


Referral from a third party; Client was informed of Calsoft’s excellent reputation in ERP project experience