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AGCI – Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation 

Company Information

Business Type: Import/Seller Chemical Products

Industry: Chemical

Location: Schaumburg, IL, USA

Number of Users: 5


About AGCI

American GCI Resitop, Inc. (AGCI) is the wholly owned subsidiary of Gun Ei Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (GCI), based in Japan. GCI is the manufacturer of high performance glucose and chemical products, including phenolic resins, which are used in the electronics, automotive, and housing industries. GCI is also the manufacturer of Kynol, generally known as novoloid fiber. In 2018, AGCI was founded in Chicago, IL, to establish a presence in the United States, and to better satisfy our large customer demographic across the world.

Project Overview

AGCI is a young and growing company established in August 2018. Since the company was “start-up”, they used to manage documents via Excel.  However, due to the increase of sales volume that caused some human errors, AGCI started thinking about implementing a system to automate some workflows and support future growth.  AGCI did not focus on ERP system’s name value.    

What were your goals for this project?

  • I had three clear objectives, and happy that we are able to achieve all of them!
    • Operation Efficiently (from Manual to Automate)
    • Risk Management (Minimize human error and delays)
    • Preparation for Future (Early investment for future growth

Client Testimonial

“I am very satisfied and looking for our continuous implementation via our Phase 2 project.  More to automate!”

Mr. Juzo Arita, President

What motivated you to implement D365 Business Central?

AGCI was established in August 2018. Since we are young and start-up company, we used to manage documents via Excel and our daily operation was done manually.  Along with our growth in sales volume, our human error was getting high.  When I started thinking about good solution, Calsoft contacted us!  That was a perfect timing. 😊

Why did you choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

To be honest, we did not focus on system’s name value. What we wanted to consider more was if the system is:

  1. User-friendly
  2. Customizable for their unique operation and documents
  3. The business partner is trustworthy and supportive.   

What were some challenges for the system implementation?

The User Acceptance Test period was the most challenging time for me. What I want most from the system is collecting accurate data for business analysis, where the data needs to come from the operation side. 

Also, I understood switching to a new operation style is convenient yet painful until you get used to, so thinking how to help my team feel the system was convenient and user friendly was very challenging. 

During the UAT, I spent my after work hours to have myself get used to the system, created a “step-by-step” manual along for my assistants with AGCI daily operation, then trained them with my custom made.   

Since some of our staff is not strong in IT nor system, the manual shows very details of which/what data to type in which columns.  It was indeed difficult time, but my assistants’ honest feedback motivated me very much. 

Running business is based on Team Work is my spirit. 😉

Level of Satisfaction

AGCI was able to transfer manual operation flow to system based/automate flow that met their goal.

AGCI is also happy with Calsoft’s after go live support, where they have been receiving prompt reply and support.

Now AGCI is moving to Phase 2 project to implement “nice to have” functions.

Why did you Chose Calsoft?

“It’s all about trust, I should say.  I felt comfortable when I had discussion with Calsoft and had strong confident that I would be able to TRUST and ENGAGE with Calsoft in long term..”

Mr. Juzo Arita, President

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