DNP America

Transitioning from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Company Information

Business Type: Distributor of advanced printing and information technology solutions 

Industry: Distribution

Location: New York, USA

Number of Users: 20



Company Description

DNP America, LLC (DNPA) is a subsidiary of Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) and established in July of 1976. With offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Silicon Valley, DNPA focuses its operations in graphic printing services, decorative materials, packaging, functional films, card related products and security solutions, as well as electronic devices to the North and South American markets.

Project Overview

DNPA had been utilizing Microsoft Dynamics NAV as its ERP system since 2011, initially implemented by Calsoft Systems. Although an upgrade was performed in 2017, the current version (NAV 2015) ceased its mainstream support in January 2020. DNPA faced a decision: whether to upgrade NAV again to its successor, Dynamics 365 Business Central, or transition to Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (referred to as Dynamics 365 FO). 

Given that DNP Headquarters in Japan had been deploying Dynamics 365 FO to its global subsidiaries, DNPA opted to migrate to Dynamics 365 FO as its primary ERP system as part of the global roll-out project. 

Collaborating with DNP Information Systems Co., Ltd., the leader in global roll-out projects for Dynamics 365 FO, DNPA selected Calsoft Systems as the implementing partner. This decision was based on leveraging Calsoft’s extensive experience and knowledge gained from successfully implementing NAV for DNPA. 

Client Testimonial

In carrying out the project, there were many demands and challenges that needed to be addressed, but the project manager diligently considered and addressed them with appropriate solutions, resulting in a satisfactory system for the end users. The implementation of the project, which focused on meeting the needs of the users, led to a smooth release without any major disruptions, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration in the future.”

Nozomu Yamaguchi, General Manager of Global ICT Promotion, DNP IS

DNP is promoting the deployment of Dynamics 365FO as DNP’s overseas standard system to each overseas company. We believe that the standardization of our operations, not only in the U.S. but also in other countries, will be of great significance in the future.

Masashi Okawahira, IT Manager, DNPA

In order to create new business is one of our primary missions in the U.S. market. This system can be provided to us quickly and securely connection to our existing and future customers than before. This has given me more confidence to aggressively find new business opportunities. It’s all thanks to this.

Youichi Hirota, President, DNPA


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Functional Scope

  • Accounting operation 
  • Payment and Cash receipt operation 
  • Approval operation 
  • Sales and Purchase order entry 
  • Receiving process for 3-way matching 
  • Sales Invoice 
  • Management reporting operation 
  • Financial reporting operation 


  • Finance  

General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Fixed Asset, Bank management 

  • Supply Chain Management 

Sales Order, Purchase Order, Inventory 

  • Business Intelligence/ Data Analysis (Power BI) 

Builds variety of analysis reports including sales and profit dashboard  

  • Others 

Customizations and reports used in NAV had been rebuilt and migrated to Dynamics 365 FO  

Project Goals & Objectives

  • System Replacement: Replace the current ERP system with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (FO) while ensuring optimal setups and configurations for Dynamics 365 Cloud. 
  • Capability Transition: Transfer similar capabilities from NAV to Dynamics 365 FO to ensure high usability for system users. 
  • Customization Assessment: Reassess current customizations in NAV and migrate only necessary and high-priority customizations to Dynamics 365 FO to simplify the system and streamline operations. 
  • Business Growth Support: Support the long-term growth of DNPA’s business by achieving a successful global roll-out for DNP headquarters in Japan simultaneously. 
  • Cloud Migration: Migrate the system to a secure cloud environment hosted and managed by Microsoft to enhance the security level. 

Results Achieved

Business Process Improvement

  • DNPA successfully achieved operational standardization and process optimization by adopting the standard functions of Dynamics 365 (D365). The organization reduced reliance on a few individuals and implemented an electronic approval workflow for the physical signing process, significantly improving operational efficiency and streamlining processes.

  • All necessary functions were migrated from NAV to D365, while unnecessary or low-priority functions were eliminated after thorough investigation and fit-and-gap analysis aligned with current business operations. This simplification of system processes not only minimized user errors but also improved overall efficiency.

System Usability and Accessibility

  • D365 offers a more user-friendly experience in terms of filtering functions and operation tracking compared to NAV. This enabled employees to quickly adapt to the system and begin using it immediately.
  • DNPA established secure and simplified connections with other systems, enabling the organization to further streamline operations by electronic payments and seamless data imports from other systems.
  • From a system management perspective, with the adoption of cloud ecosystem, DNPA has significantly improved its system security and eliminated the need for maintaining on-premises servers. Moreover, this gave a flexibility on work-from-home works style. 

Why They Chose Calsoft

Calsoft’s expertise and track record were pivotal in DNPA’s decision-making process. Having implemented Dynamics NAV for DNPA in 2011, Calsoft consistently delivered timely, user-focused support by collaborating closely with DNPA’s IT managers. This enduring partnership enabled Calsoft to develop a profound understanding of DNPA’s business operations, system usage, and corporate ethos. Recognizing Calsoft as a critical success factor, DNP chose to engage them for the global roll-out project. 

To ensure a smooth transition and minimize disruption to system users, it was imperative to maintain similar functionality and usability in the new system. Calsoft’s intimate knowledge of DNPA’s NAV configuration and customizations, along with a comprehensive understanding of the rationale behind each function and customization from a business standpoint, made them the ideal partner for the NAV to Dynamics 365 FO migration. 


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