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Case Study: Implementing CargoWise in Japanese Headquarters

Case Study Creation Date:October 2021


Company Name:SEINO LOGIX CO., LTD.


Sector:International Logistics

Countries with OfficesJapan, United States, Vietnam, Germany, Italy, Panama

Number of Users:100

New SolutionCargoWise (WiseTech Global Ltd.)

Old Systems:Accounting – Kanjo Bugyo (OBC Co., Ltd.), Operations – SuperBay (OBIC Co., Ltd.), and Custom Developed System

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Company Information

The company was founded in 1986 as Seino Votainer Co., Ltd., which was a shipping company under Seino Holdings. The company has a leading share in the sea freight of LCL cargo to Europe and the United States. It provides services matching client needs to promote fast, safe, and reliable international forwarding. As a pioneer in the field of ocean freight forwarding, its strength lies in the ability to create new services based on flexible ideas and the powerful mobility needed to realize them. The company also implements IT and digitization measures for use both internally and externally. The company is renowned for its easy-to-use and convenient systems, including Vessel Schedule Search from websites provided to clients, and the provision of booking and cargo tracking information. The company headquarters is in Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama City.


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Project Details

Project Summary

For a long time, Seino Logix had used a customized SuperBay System by OBIC for its operations and used Kanjo Bugyo as ERP for their accounting system.

However, SDGs and COVID-19 accelerated digitization throughout society, and the shipping industry was faced with an urgent need of digital transformation. In this environment, it was determined that the current system would be insufficient in providing services that fully meet clients’ needs in the future. Furthermore, these systems prevented making flexible proposals and improvements when rapidly expanding businesses, thus creating a need for new systems for operations and main accounting.

Because of these factors, the company requested developing a new system once every few years to a third party, but time passed without any of these projects becoming successful. This was when they made major managerial changes looking ahead to medium to long-term growth and decided to install CargoWise packaging software, a forwarding software with the best track record in the world.

Project Title

CargoWise Fully Implemented as Main Operational Systems

Solution / Module

CargoWise (CargoWise One)

  • Accounting (general ledger, accounts receivable management, accounts payable management, bank data management)
  • Forwarding (sea import/export operations)

CargoWise data integration and development

  • Web portal for customers (service schedule search function and booking system are connected to CargoWise)
  • Web portal for internal management (data integration for bank deposit/cancellation data with CargoWise)
  • Toyo Signal (data integration of voyage schedule data, including vessel movement information)

Development of a total of 17 other (large and small) data integrations.

(Booking page in CargoWise, and vessel schedule search screen on Seino Logix’s web portal)

Project Duration

5 months (October 2020 to March 2021)

Project Objectives and Post-Installation Goals

  • Update the new core system and have it running on time despite the short deadline to improve the level of service provided to customers.

  • Achieve a minimum of 30% improvement in operational efficiency through global data integration with the systems of overseas agents, major shipping companies, and vendors.

  • Improve the level of employee efficiency through acquiring standardized workflows and functions led by the new system

Project Organization, Structure, and Personnel

  • Five full-time project staff (a project manager, a project leader, an export operator, an import operator, and an accounting staff formed a team of five. They were supported by two IT staff members)

(A picture of the project team’s core members- Center: Mr. Arima, the Director and Project Manager. From the left to right at the front: Mr. Nakata, Mr. Yonehara, Mr. Arima, Ms. Kawato, and Ms. Iwamura)

About the Project and the Challenges it Faced

  • There was much pressure on my team to complete the project on a short deadline.
  • As the old system was almost fully custom developed while this was a transfer to a packaged system, it involved challenges of adjusting the gap between the system and operational processes, as well as obtaining an internal consensus.

The Key to Project Success

  • Being able to establish sound teamwork and trust between internal project team and our partner.

  • Particular attention was paid to: 1) Powerfully sharing objectives, 2) Not backing down, 3) Discussing and listening to people frequently to get people involved with a sense of ownership.

  • Good points: 1) Members spent a long time together and shared joys and hardships, 2) Our partner provided quick collaboration and support, and 3) Solid hypotheses were made and fully verified.

Imapacts and Benefits of Implementation

  • The workflow was simplified by adapting to the packaged solution.

  • Old ways of thinking were discarded for new creations in the future.

  • Automatic integration of data and systems. (container automation and workflow triggers)

  • Maximizing the utilization of cloud services (accessible from different locations like home, especially with situations like COVID-19).

  • Release and subsequent updates quickly executed after the package is implemented.

Why Seino Logix Chose Calsoft?

  • Calsoft was chosen for having track record in Japan and the sense of reassurance that they would understand Japanese culture. (aside from technical reliability, we also valued the attitudes and communication skills of the Calsoft representative)
  • The level of familiarity with forwarding operations.
  • Team composition and management structure

We want to continue strengthening our partnership with Calsoft, including additional developments, further digitization, holding joint workshops, etc.


Hiroshi Nakayama, President and CEO of SEINO LOGIX CO., LTD.

As a partner who shared the joys and hardships together, we would like to ask for your continued support.

Takahiro Arima, Director and Project Manager of SEINO LOGIX CO., LTD.

Calsoft is a group of professional system vendors, and we trust and respect their attitude to work. I am confident that we will continue to be partners who can support each other to achieve better.

Advice to People Doing Similar Projects in the Future as a Project Manager

We started by talking to many people, including people in the same industry, partners, and vendors, which helped us to broaden our horizons and improve the level of our knowledge.

We then made hypotheses in advance, creating plans, and verifying/implementing them. The important key to achieving this was assembling highly qualified employees who played central roles in their respective areas of work.

We had learned from past failures that leaving everything to the vendor would not make anything successful. I also made it clear to employees who were making positive proposals that I, as a manager, will be accountable; so each employee could push forward the project quickly, freely, and confidently. It was a tough project, but I never doubted our success because I truly believed in the powers of these employees.

Seino Logix’s Plans and Policies for the Future

  • As a consolidator, we are proud to be the first company in Japan to launch an online booking system. Still, we will not be complacent and continue to take action to lead this industry and development.

  • We will continue to focus on digitization, and redesign our website, introduce Marketing Automation (MA) and BI to create various positive impacts on our business, and more in the future.

  • We will create a system where customer can access all the information they require without additional support.

Messages from Calsoft Members

During the CargoWise implementation project for Seino Logix, we found three things standing out in particular: 1) The strong leadership of their manager, 2) How they created an effective team atmosphere, and 3) their understanding of the plans, additional budgets, and the speed in selections and approval. In the course of the project, both companies faced various issues and challenges, but we never wavered in our commitment to move forward. As a result, we managed to create a new system that is essential for the operations through the close cooperation between the internal and the external team to create a new system and operations. As a partner, we are delighted that we could establish a trusting relationship of such an advanced degree with our client. We feel a great amount of gratitude towards the Seino Logix project team and management. Thank you, and we hope to continue our partnership for a long time moving forward.