ERP Project Management

Ensure ERP project success with expert Project Management support for steering your committee and project leaders.

ERPs are one of the most useful and innovative solutions your business can implement, the problem however, is you need the right team to ensure your ERP solution is a success.

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Establish Confidence Within Your ERP Solution

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Gain control over variables, identify risks and meet project objectives.

Your business needs experienced project management skills for undertaking such an ERP implementation. One of the major reasons businesses fail to implement ERPs properly is because of poor leadership in project management.

The reality is, many companies that implement ERPs only do so once every 5-10 years, which means they don’t usually have in-house ERP project managers. Instead, the responsibility falls to the shoulders of employees who are designated for different roles.

This is why Calsoft recommends that clients establish a project management office (PMO). This service provides experienced, short-term project management resources that help you prioritize tasks, minimize delays, identify risks and boost morale for your ERP investment.

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What is PMO?

A project management office (PMO) executes a project to maintain or enhance productivity through every phase of the project: initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and closure.

Calsoft PMO provides both insights from a bird-eye view – of the project- and the ability to move the most critical tasks forward through the entire process project planning, scheduling tasks/meetings, prioritization of tasks/issues, task management, tracking of schedule, and resource allocation. Careful planning is always the foundation of a successful project. At the same time, finding a critical path and critical tasks that shift throughout the project timeline is essential. Constant monitoring of a project is the cornerstone value that an outside professional like Calsoft PMO can bring in.

Functions Include

  • Task Management

  • Tracking

  • Planning

  • Resource allocation

  • Prioritization

  • Scheduling

  • Analytics

  • Reporting insights

  • And more

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What are Some Benefits of PMO?

A good PMO will help your business in a variety of ways. Team members both internal and external will efficiently work together to fulfill some of the following functions:

    • Prioritize tasks
    • Manage projects
    • Identify hidden problems and risks within your business
    • Gain control over more variables
    • Minimize delays
    • Meet project due dates
    • Boost morale
    • Produce high-quality project outcomes
    • Maximize return on investment
    • Increase overall productivity throughout the company

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The Calsoft Advantage

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1000+ Successful Implementations

  • Migrating data over from your Legacy system

  • Maintain your core business process

  • 500+ years of combined experience across the board
  • Industry experience on system guidance: BC/F&SCM

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Full IT Lifecycle

  • Assessment, ERP, Network, Security, Training, Support, Upgrades

  • Third party add-on guidance and Project Management

  • Azure Private or Public cloud

  • NIST CSF Certified Engineers

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100% Rescue Project Achievement Rate

  • System Usage and Implementation Analysis

  • HelpDesk Support Team on-standby

  • World-Class User Training and Materials

  • Critical Issues Projects


Optimize Your Return on Investment