Operational Transformation Advisory 

Visualize your company’s current operational flow, hidden issues, and design a digital transformation roadmap of the future from advisory service.

Understanding is Power

Completing a detailed Operational Transformation Advisory Service can help determine where your current systems are holding you back and take a deeper look at factors and considerations that lead to implementation success.

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Establish Confidence Within Your ERP Solution

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ERP Can Be Tricky

You want to invest in better technology to grow your business. To do so, you choose a solution, get a proposal, roll out the solution, and pay the estimated amount.

However, most clients end up paying several times the initial quote.

The reality is, at the time of proposal, the vendor doesn’t have a good understanding of your business yet. These details – your vision, operations, needs — change the system scope. Companies that don’t first examine their operations with their vendor are often misled about cost and don’t get the results they want from new technology.

As a result, you find yourself in the middle of a project with no choice but to pay for a system that is skyrocketing in price, or worse, isn’t capable of delivering what you need.

Ready for an ERP?

You probably know it is time to renew your system. However, you may not know what application fits your company the best, which implementation partner you should work with, or how much budget you should expect to design, implement, and maintain a new system.

Calsoft thinks the most important step is to know your system requirement and issues. There are many elements that affect the requirements. The elements can range from your company vision/mission, business goals, to daily operational inefficiency.

We assume that you need to take your time to review your requirement before you pick an application, a vendor, or an approach.

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What is an Operational Transformation Advisory?

The reality is decision-makers don’t have visibility into their own operations. This limits the success of any technology they invest in. Our Business Operations Advisory take clients out of the dark. We show them their current and future operations in visual format, standardize their operations across divisions/branches and show them the depth of the stack that can automate their processes — all before a new ERP is on the discussion table.

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Calsoft ERP Readiness Deliverables

Calsoft provides As-Is/To-Be flows, System Architecture that gives a birds-eye view of your system, System Requirement List, and a final report that includes Calsoft’s software selection recommendations, your roadmap to an end state (long-term project plan), and your ROI.


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Five-Rule Calsoft ERP Readiness Process



We conduct interviews with your employees in a warm, competent, simple and engaging manner that builds trust — sensitive to change and motivating them in the process.


Unbiased Experts

It’s hard to identify issues when its simply business as usual. Our Business Consultants and Sr. ERP Consultants bring an unbiased, external set of eyes to see where your processes and technology could be improved.


6-Point Criteria

We analyze your business by asking what can be standardized, consolidated, eliminated, digitized, automated, and reduced in risk?


Industry Expertise

Our experienced consultants use the terms any level of members understand with knowledge of industry-specific words and phrases.


Horizontal Vision

Calsoft is a full-service provider with specialists across all components of business technology. That is why when we design solutions, we don’t just consider your ERP. We consider your entire IT ecosystem and how it empowers your target operations for a total comprehensive solution. This includes application development, network infrastructure, analytic reporting and many more.


The Calsoft Advantage

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1000+ Successful Implementations

  • Migrating data over from your Legacy system

  • Maintain your core business process

  • 500+ years of combined experience across the board
  • Industry experience on system guidance: BC/F&SCM

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Full IT Lifecycle

  • Assessment, ERP, Network, Security, Training, Support, Upgrades

  • Third party add-on guidance and Project Management

  • Azure Private or Public cloud

  • NIST CSF Certified Engineers

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100% Rescue Project Achievement Rate

  • System Usage and Implementation Analysis

  • HelpDesk Support Team on-standby

  • World-Class User Training and Materials

  • Critical Issues Projects


Optimize Your Return on Investment