Utilitarian Business Package Solution of the Manufacturing Industry

More recently, the product has responded to changes in the business environment surrounding the manufacturing industry and now handles global operations and internal control.

As a product specialized in SCM of the manufacturing industry, MCFrame has delivered solutions to a wide range of manufacturing industries, such as assembly and processing, since its launch in 1996. From the beginning, it has emphasized its framework structure with flexibility, extensibility, and standard functions. These features are truly useful for users to realize low-cost and short-period implementation of systems that take advantage of user companies’ own operational processes which have led to the competitiveness of the Japanese manufacturing industry.

MCFrame is developed by Toyo Business Engineering (b-en-g) based on its experiences in implementing logistics systems for more than 1000 companies. It is a business package suited to the management of production, sales, and costs. Calsoft Systems is the sole official partner of MCFrame in North America (United States of America and Canada).


Diagram of functionalities



Industry Expertise

MCFrame has been used by companies in sectors as diverse as processing and
assembly. This is because MCFrame not only includes the basic functions
required to respond to a wide variety of needs, but can also be highly