TPiCS is a Flexible Manufacturing Resource Planning (f-MRP)

TPiCS is a Flexible Manufacturing Resource Planning (f-MRP) solution that is a ‘Must Have” for manufacturers, especially if you’re having to deal with frequent change requests to manufacturing orders (i.e. sudden changes from customers on order quantities, both increases and decreases).

In addition, TPiCS allows manufacturers to fulfill orders completely and by the required deadline. In particular it offers robust functionality to manage:


Key Features of TPiCS:

– Flexible MRP Management

Offering flexibility to the manufacturing process is one of the core strengths of TPiCS. With TPiCS manufacturers can stabilize the production process, while making quick adjustments to changing requirements, so that both the repeatability and profitability can be maximized.

– Robust Make-To-Order Management

For manufacturers that produce product based on each order TPiCS offers comprehensive functionality for efficient management of the entire process from the receipt of the order, through the design phase, to the completion of the production cycle.

– Serial Number Management

Manage production and track both the performance and the cost for each serialized item. It is possible to set the number from one to four depending on the degree of collaboration with f-MRP.

– Efficiency and Completion Management

TPiCS allows you to control buffers for the manufacturing process to include overage percentages as well as buffers for the manufacturing production schedule (i.e. timeframe for completion of a production run) to insure that all production runs are completed on time and to a 100% fulfillment rate.

  • Purchasing
  • Procurement
  • Ordering
  • Inventory Management
  • Payables
  • Cost Management
  • Development


[Optional Modules]

Strategy type of delivery adjustment option
Sales order management option
Serial number management option
One good production option
Automatic leveling option
Manufacturing record option
Start signal option
CAD data conversion option
Focusing on the transaction option
Difference analysis option
Delivery date answering option
Web server option



TPiCS is ideal for both Make-To-Order and Make-To-Inventory production

  Make-To-Order Production Make-To-Stock Production

Discrete Manufacturing

Assembled goods
Food • Medicine

Industrial machines
Electrical, electronic, mechanical manufacturing
Consumer expendable assembly industry
(i.e. Manufacturing cars & office automation machinery
Create the order arrangement data directly by using the configuration data from CAD.
Issuing cancellation vouchers is easily handled when the design gets changed
TPiCS offers robust f-MRP management.

Process Manufacturing

Manufacturing of special parts and molds Material processing industry
Both registration of master data and reusing the plan data is possible each time the plan data is registered. Easily resolves calculation errors
Provides great visibility of the overall manufacturing process for better real-time decision making


About TPiCS

  • 12,000 installs in1,800 companies (August 2013)
  • An ideal system for both process and discrete manufacturers
  • Handles both “Make-to-order” and “Make-to-Stock” production
  • User interfaces in English, Japanese & Chinese
  • Operates on; Microsoft SQL Server, ORACLE.DB2 and PostgreSQL(Linux server)
  • No charge for version upgrades (for clients current on annual maintenance)
  • Modular based solution – Only pay for what you need.
  • Integration to Microsoft Dynamics ERP (AX, GP, NAV) and SAP Business One