Calsoft Works Hand-In-Hand with Habitat for Humanity


Beyond generating sales and helping our clients drive growth to their businesses, Calsoft’s bigger mission is to positively impact the world. In a recent initiative to support local families in need, the Calsoft team dedicated a full working day to renovating a home for local Torrance families. 

In the middle of October 2019, Calsoft partnered with the globally-recognized organization, Habitat for Humanity. The combined effort to provide safe, decent, affordable housing to hardworking families in need was something that deeply resonated with the Calsoft team. 

Sales Associate, Naru Kobayashi said after a hard day’s work: 

“Being able to do good for the sake of good, just knowing that I took a little part in making somebody’s life better, was genuine and very rewarding. I am very grateful for the experience.”

The Director of Sales, Yoshi Asami expressed a similar message:

“I am so glad to help make a family’s dream of living in a safe and affordable home come true. I felt a strong sense of connection with the other Calsoft members and felt a great sense of satisfaction with the outcome of this project. It’s really nice to give back and contribute to society.”

Mo Sandhu, a Systems Consultant, was deeply moved by the work the Calsoft team was able to contribute. He said in response to the event:  

“I believe that we made a difference for the family that will eventually live in the habitat home. It was a proud moment watching our team work together to achieve our goal of painting the entire house in the limited time we were given.”

Nicole Le, from the Operations Division of Calsoft, shared a similar retort: 

“The best part for me was the feeling. It felt good to help others. It was like a natural endorphin rush, and very unexpected. On a personal level, it was a great work out and I got to learn how to paint. I want to paint my apartment now.”

The overall collaboration with Habitat for Humanity left Calsoft members in high spirits. As the Calsoft team finished painting the house, there was an overwhelming sense of gratification felt by all participants. Jessica Price, head of Human Resources finished by saying: 

“The best part of the experience for me was working with my co-workers in a completely different way. I do feel we made a difference. It felt great to know that people were going to be using the house we worked on very soon.”

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