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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is software to manage and integrate business processes such as accounting, inventory management, project management, HR, and supply chain operations.

How Technology Can Drive Success in Automotive Industry 

erp for automotive

There’s no doubt that the automotive industry is rapidly changing. Electric vehicles are becoming more popular, and new technologies are emerging. Technology has brought in significant breakthroughs in the automotive industry with smarter vehicles that are fuel-efficient, more connected, and even driverless now.   This means that the future of transportation looks very different from the […]

8 Essential Questions When Choosing an ERP Consultant

erp consultant

Are you thinking about implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning system in your business? An ERP system can streamline your operations, improve communication and collaboration between departments, and give real-time insights into your business’s performance. But before you make the leap, it’s important to do your research and choose the right ERP consultant. By asking questions, […]

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What is the Difference between ERP & CRM Software?

difference between CRM and ERP

The benefits of using ERP and CRM software go beyond just increasing your profitability. The ability to manage customers better and streamline all business processes will help you stay ahead of the competition by providing an ultimate solution for any business looking at cutting their time spent on paperwork or manual tasks like invoicing, accounting […]

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How ERP Can Help Apparel Manufacturers Save Time and Money

apparel ERP

The need for ERP came to the apparel industry when the demand to index and databasing resources for raw materials, individual products, and people management increased. The apparel industry faces unique challenges. First of all, the apparel industry is highly competitive. That alone is already a challenge that businesses must consider and find a way […]

Are You Considering an ERP System?

dynamics erp

For many companies, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are a significant factor in their success. ERP refers to systems to plan and manage entire supply chain, manufacturing, services, HR, financial and other processes of an organization. An ERP system allows you to collect, store, and analyze data across your operations in one centralized platform. The centralized data […]

How Dynamics 365 ERP Enables a Remote Workplace

Dynamics 365 remote

As remote work has become the new norm after the pandemic, businesses need better collaborative platforms that can help everyone to stay updated and optimize productivity. Location shouldn’t be employer’s main focus. What they really need to focus on is how to keep employees engaged and productive in different environments. How do you balance between […]

Benefits of ERP software for Food & Beverage Industry 

An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) for the food and beverage industry can be a helpful solution for food companies to be more transparent, and achieve greater efficiency and visibility in the supply chain. Food companies can manage and optimize their business processes – from sales, purchasing, accounting, finance, and production to logistics. Ordering raw materials, […]

The hidden costs of NOT implementing ERP: Why you can’t afford to wait to implement ERP

hidden costs of not implementing erp

While the cost of implementing an ERP can intimidate organizations to take the step forward, the cost of NOT implementing an ERP is what they really should worry about. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software has been around for a long time. The term was coined in the 90s but used even around the 70s in […]

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