Dynamics 365 2022 Release Wave 2 Summarized

microsoft dynamics 2022 release wave 2 plan

Microsoft has released plans for upcoming new and improved features in Dynamics 365 suite. The 2022 release wave 2 plan covers all new functionalities expected to be released between October 2022 and March 2023.

There are lots of updates in the Release Wave plan, so here is a summarized version of the updates that might have a big impact.

Note that the plans are not final and subject to change. New features might be added or removed, and dates may be changed. To fully stay updated with the plans, you can review the release planning portal:

Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform release planner

Dynamics 365 Finance

Vendor invoice optical character recognition (OCR), which automates the reading and recognition of vendor invoices, will be accessible. 

For Subscription Billing, you will find a feature for split billing where multiple customers can be invoiced for the same contract.

Tax calculation service will be integrated with Dynamics 365 Project Operations.

Microsoft will also invest in the Globalization Studio to enhance and expand localizations with the help of no-code or low-code configuration tools for tax calculation, electronic invoicing, and electronic reporting.

Dynamics 365 Business Central 

Noteworthy is that Account schedules will be renamed to Financial reporting for transparent understanding and ease of use.

There will also be new report datasets for Excel with several layouts to best view and analyze data.

Power BI reports have some new improvements, one feature would be dimensions for better visibility into the business data you work with daily, like the general ledger and budgets.

Dynamics 365 Sales

Dynamics 365 Sales will recognize upgrades in the user experience. Core productivity features will be more integrated into the application’s workspaces. Conversation intelligence will provide sellers with real-time tips, question detection, and interaction capturing, among other things.

Seller dashboards will be enhanced with process automation, sales accelerator tools to organize customer lists, and sequence designers. Collaboration tools like Teams and Outlook will sustain records, track conversations and allow users to work across the entire organization to get the information they need and meet the needs of prospects and customers throughout the sales pipeline. 

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Microsoft will invest in variable options for sourcing your raw materials or products from vendors. Microsoft will also prioritize investments in Inventory Visibility, Inventory and LogisticsManufacturingPlanningProcurement, Product Information management, and Warehouse management.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Improving efficiency and expanding the HCM ecosystem is part of the Dynamics 365 Human Resources plan. In addition, Microsoft will invest in Benefits management, Leave and Absence, Organization and personnel management, and Integrations and extensibility.


This post is a quick summary of some feature highlights of Dynamics 365 updates. With the links provided at the top of this post, you can read about all the details of the planned feature enhancements for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. 

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