Calsoft Awarded #1 Partner in the United States for Business Excellence in Advisory Services

microsoft partner 2021

We’re excited to report that Microsoft recently announced the winners for the 2021 Microsoft U.S. Partner Award (MSUS) awards, and Calsoft sits as the top partner in the United States for Business Excellence in Advisory Services!

For the second year running! 2020 MSUS Winner for Business Central

What is the Microsoft U.S. Partner Award?

Microsoft Partner of the Year Award was created to recognize partners who demonstrate a high innovation and performance level. This global event acknowledges partners in over 100 countries through a wide variety of categories. Due to the U.S.’s overwhelming contributions to the Microsoft portfolio, Microsoft decided to spin off a new award that shines a spotlight solely on U.S.-specific partner impact. MSUS Award highlights U.S. partners who are exceptional in their categories and are leaders among the 100,000 partners or so that exist in the U.S. 

The program was designed to recognize outstanding work for partners nationwide. The Microsoft U.S. (MSUS) program complements the Microsoft Partner of the Year program. It gives partners the ability to showcase their work alongside other qualified partners in the U.S., so it’s great to be nominated and even better to be selected by Microsoft as a champion in this category.

Calsoft’s Achievement

This year, In the U.S., Microsoft selected just one partner out of 4400 nominations for the Advisory Services award – Calsoft! We are greatly honored to receive this award as the Advisory Services category recognizes delivery of high-value consulting and advisory services or solutions while leveraging Microsoft solutions. This is directly aligned with Calsoft’s mission statement: 

To realize our client’s business goals through professional services and I.T. solutions.

Receiving this award from Microsoft is not only a great accomplishment, but it stands as a testimonial to our combined commitment to Calsoft’s values. This was no easy task, and we are proud of all the effort we dedicated to achieving this award, especially in a year like 2021. 

Customer Impact & Solution Innovation 

According to Microsoft, the nomination pool was very competitive this year, and selecting the winners was quite a challenging task.

Winners are selected based on their commitment to customers, the impact of their solutions, and the exemplary use of Microsoft technologies. 

CategoryAwardMSUS Partner Award Winner
Business ExcellenceAdvisory ServicesCalsoft Systems
 Commercial MarketplaceElastic
 Indirect ProviderPax8
 Microsoft for StartupsGo1
 Solution AssessmentsSNP Technologies, Inc.

Here is the full list: winners

Microsoft’s Message to Calsoft

“What an esteemed accomplishment and great year for our partnership. So much opportunity heading into FY22 and Inspire!

Looking forward to building on our momentum and getting after it together!”

John Roth 

Microsoft, Partner Development Director

What Happens Now

Following MSUS Partner Award winners will be featured and celebrated during Microsoft’s virtual Inspire MSUS General Session, led by Tyler Bryson, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Global Partner Solutions. 


Calsoft works closely with a Partner Development Manager at Microsoft, Sherrine Cancilla Bradanini, and upon our recent achievement, she said:

Heartfelt congratulations to the entire Calsoft team.  Winning a prestigious award like this is far from easy; however, I could have predicted this win as Calsoft continues to strategize, chart the course, hunker down, and deliver.  It’s been exciting to watch Calsoft as they climb their way to the top of the podium, it’s going to be even more exciting to watch them as they work to maintain podium status. I couldn’t be prouder of this entire team, everyone’s delivering and customers are happy!

We have been honored to work in partnership with Microsoft for over 25 years, combining their world-class solutions with our expertise to transform our customer’s businesses. We’ve seen the incredible results that we have brought to our customer’s businesses, and we are excited to continue providing our advisory services on a global level.  contact us!