Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot in Business central can eliminate tedious tasks 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot

As the demand for artificial intelligence rises, an increasing array of AI tools compatible with widely used business applications have emerged. Microsoft has unveiled its latest offering, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot, designed to deliver interactive and AI-driven support across various business functions. This innovative tool is poised to enhance organizational efficiency by enabling users to dedicate more time to critical tasks. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the concept of Copilot for Business Central, its benefits, and how it can transform how businesses operate. 

What is Microsoft Copilot? 

Microsoft Copilot is an AI-powered productivity tool that coordinates large language models (LLMs) and provides users with AI-powered writing assistance. Currently, Copilot AI features are in preview across Viva Sales and various Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications, including Customer Service, Customer Insights, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, and Business Central. 

It can help ease digital overload, enhance productivity, amplify human creativity, and count on responsible, secure AI. 

How Dynamics 365 Copilot Works 

Dynamics 365 Copilot works in tandem with Dynamics 365 applications to provide users with real-time assistance, contextual awareness, and knowledge base integration. It leverages natural language processing to understand user requests and provide relevant information or actions. 

Data-Driven Foundation 

Copilot relies on business data as its cornerstone. It taps into a variety of content sources, including documents, emails, calendars, chats, meetings, and contacts. By leveraging this wealth of information and understanding the context of current interactions, Copilot delivers precise, context-aware responses that stay highly relevant. 

Robust Security Integration 

Built upon a robust security framework, Copilot seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365. This integration ensures access to your organization’s security, compliance, policies, and processes and safeguards against potential threats. 

Data Protection 

Copilot exclusively displays data accessible through the same technology employed by Microsoft to safeguard customer data. The permissions model within your tenant ensures that data remains secure and immune to compromise or leakage. 

Seamless App Integration 

Beyond its integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Copilot seamlessly connects with popular everyday apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and more. This integration ensures consistent behavior across all platforms, streamlining user experience and enhancing overall accessibility. 

Adaptable Skill Set 

Copilot is not static; it’s designed to evolve and learn new skills. Currently capable of creating, summarizing, analyzing, collaborating, and automating processes, Copilot is also poised to learn how to connect with CRM systems for essential data extraction. Expect Copilot to handle even more sophisticated tasks and queries as it progresses, making it a dynamic and evolving solution. 

Copilot Features 

Beyond augmenting the current functionalities of Business Central, Dynamics 365 Copilot extends its array of features to encompass Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Customer Insights, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management. These include: 

1. Formulating email responses for customers 

2. Generating email summaries of Teams meetings 

3. Composing contextually relevant responses to chat inquiries 

4. Aggregating highly personalized and targeted customer segments 

5. Assisting in the creation of fresh content 

6. Identifying external issues that could impact crucial supply chain processes 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot for Business Central 

Copilot provides AI-generated text suggestions for items in Business Central, which can help users produce engaging and compelling content. Copilot’s AI-powered writing assistance is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing users to do more with less effort. With Copilot, users can choose from a variety of tone of voice, format, and length options to tailor their product descriptions to their specific needs.   

Key Benefits of Copilot for Business Central 

The integration of Copilot and Business Central offers a multitude of benefits that can transform the way businesses operate: 

  • Enhanced Productivity: Copilot automates repetitive tasks, reduces manual input, and provides intelligent suggestions, freeing up users’ time to focus on more strategic activities. 
  • Improved Data-Driven Decision-Making: Copilot analyzes vast amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns and trends, providing users with actionable insights that guide better decision-making. 
  • Streamlined Workflows: Copilot simplifies and automates workflows, reducing friction and enhancing process efficiency across various business functions. 
  • Empowered Employees: Copilot empowers employees with AI-powered assistance, making them more efficient and effective in their roles. 

Copilot Features in Business Central 

Utilize Dynamics 365 Copilot within Business Central to: 

  • Enhance the appeal of your products by creating distinctive and compelling product descriptions. 
  • Develop custom and unique marketing copy that aligns with your business brand. 
  • Seamlessly publish product text directly to Shopify or other e-commerce platforms with minimal effort. 
  • Differentiate similar products by instructing Dynamics 365 Copilot to incorporate specific product attributes such as size, color, and material. 

Copilot’s AI-powered capabilities can be applied across various business functions, including: 

  • Sales and Marketing: Generate engaging product descriptions, enhance targeted marketing campaigns, and personalize customer interactions. 
  • Financial Management: Automate financial data entry, provide real-time insights into cash flow, and identify potential financial risks. 
  • Inventory Management: Optimize inventory levels, predict demand fluctuations, and automate procurement processes. 
  • Supply Chain Management: Improve supply chain visibility, identify potential disruptions, and optimize logistics planning. 
  • Project Management: Automate task scheduling, track project progress, and identify potential risks and delays. 

How to incorporate Copilot in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 

Here are the steps to enable Copilot in Business Central: 

  1. Log in to your Business Central account as an administrator. 
  1. Navigate to the Extensions page. 
  1. Search for Microsoft Copilot in the extensions list and click Install
  1. After successful installation, restart your Business Central application to activate Copilot fully. 
  1. Go to the Feature Management page in Business Central and enable Microsoft Copilot. 

It’s that simple! Once you have completed these steps, you can use Copilot to generate AI-powered writing assistance for product descriptions on items sold in online shops. Copilot analyzes the product image, suggests a category, and uses natural language technology to write a catchy and informative text based on the product attributes, format, and tone of voice. You can then quickly customize attributes, enter price and stock levels, and start crafting an engaging description tailored to the product, enriched with key data from the record. 


The integration of Copilot and Dynamics 365 Business Central represents a significant step forward in the evolution of business technology. According to a recent survey on business trends, nearly 9 out of 10 workers hope to use AI to reduce repetitive tasks in their jobs. Copilot enables professionals to perform their day-to-day work with the assistance of cutting-edge AI by their side. As AI continues to evolve, we can expect even more innovative applications and benefits to emerge, making Copilot an indispensable tool for organizations using Microsoft Business Central.