What’s new in Dynamics GP 2015

microsoft dynamics gp 2015

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 was released this past year on December 1st 2014. The latest release of Dynamics GP features a list of enhancements, new features, and companion application for increased mobility in today’s modern business environment.If your organization is seeking to upgrade your current GP system or considering an ERP solution Calsoft Systems invites you to review most notable enhancements and new features from the system release.Financial Enhancements

  • Increased control and transparency with intercompany transactions. If a change is made to a transaction from the originating company in intercompany transactions, Dynamics GP 2015 will make the change for destination companies automatically.
  • Enhanced transparency of workflow functionality in the following financial approval processes;
    • General Ledger batch, Payables batch, Vendor approval, Receivables batch, W4 Approval, and Project expense report approval process.

Distribution Enhancements

  • Enhanced e-mail in GP 2015
    • E-mails previously sent containing important sales or purchasing documents to your vendors and customers can now be re-sent and have the option of editing the e-mail address.
    • Ability to re-send statements to customers and remittance documents to vendors.
    • Embed documents in the body of an e-mail message and send directly to prospect or customers in the Dynamics GP 2015 environment.
  • Greater flexibility and control regarding payment terms setup.
    • In GP 2015, “Calculate Date From” form is added which includes, Transaction Date and Discount Date.
    • Additionally, you can set up payment terms beyond the date and can even extend it out to a specific date if desired.

Human Resources Enhancements

  • GP 2015 is designed to be more accessible and transparent for your personnel. Employees can now view and edit an range of integral information including,
    • Employee profile
    • Pay stubs, with the ability to view or print.
    • Skills and training editing.
    • Update federal tax withholding information related to W4.
    • Modify Direct deposit information.
    • View their Health Insurance, 401K plan, and Employee purchase plans.

Business Analyzer Companion App

  • Available on both iPad and Android platforms, Business Analyzer features a rich and easy to understand user interface for added accessibility for reporting and KPIs. In addition to Business Analyzer, GP 2015 can also now view management reporter generated reports.

Before choosing to upgrade it’s important to note that Dynamics GP 2015 is not supported on the following platforms and may require a back of house upgrade.

  • Windows XP all editions
  • Windows Server 2003 all editions
  • Windows Vista all editions
  • Microsoft Office 2007
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 all editions
  • Office Communicator

Whether your company is considering GP 2015 as an appropriate upgrade path or seeking an ERP solution, Calsoft Systems, Microsoft Gold Partner is dedicated to understanding your business environment and providing tailored solutions in line with your company’s vision. Learn more in detail about Dynamics GP 2015 new features by contacting Jonathan Pride at 310.532.5000x:110 or at Jonathan.Pride@Calsoft.com

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