Dynamics 365 – 2022 Year In Review

Overlooked Microsoft Dynamics 365 Features

As we look back at the year 2022, there is no doubt it was an eventful one for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Businesses found themselves needing to adapt to the fast ever-evolving world of digital transformation and customer experience management. Luckily D365 experts were on hand with valuable insight into the best ways to use Dynamics 365 to create unified experiences and provide deeper insights into customer data. Looking ahead, companies are continuing to incorporate these findings into their overall strategies in order to remain successful in a fiercely competitive market. 

In 2022, we’ve shared a wealth of stories from the Dynamics 365 universe that have made an impact on our readers. From product updates to customer successes and more – let’s take a quick look back at some of the top 10 articles that our readers found interesting and informative in 2022!  

Everything you need to know about changing your Microsoft Dynamics Partner (January 18, 2022) 

With the right Microsoft partner, you can unlock all that your ERP solution has to offer. Experienced ERP partners will provide tailored support and training so that your system is optimized for maximum productivity with an impressive return on investment. 

3 Examples of Different Industries Using ERP (January 31, 2022) 

Whether a company is large or small, there’s an ERP solution tailored perfectly to meet their specific needs and industry. Adopting the right ERP software can help organizations unlock powerful potential from within! 

8 Tips to Use Dynamics 365 Business Central Correctly to Improve Productivity (March 21, 2022) 

Ready to unlock the potential of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central? Here are some surefire tips and tricks that will get you up-and-running in no time. It’ll have your business operating at peak capacity, providing powerful insights for improved productivity. Make use of all Business Central has to offer – it’s guaranteed success! 

Why Azure Backup is the Best Option for Your Business (May 5, 2022) 

Protect your essential applications and data from attack with Azure Backup, the go-to solution for secure cloud computing. With its high availability and disaster recovery features, you can be sure that all your important documents remain safe no matter what unexpected events may occur.  

Supply Chain Disruption Causes and How to Respond to Them (June 10, 2022) 

Two years after the pandemic began, global supply chains are still reeling from its devastating effects. Major disruptions such as shipping delays and a severe shortage of truck drivers have left businesses scrambling to adjust in an uncertain environment. 

How Dynamics 365 ERP Enables a Remote Workplace (June 22, 2022) 

The pandemic has created a new normal for businesses, with many workers transitioning to remote work. While location is no longer an issue, staying connected and ensuring productivity have become top priorities – this requires innovative solutions such as Dynamics 365’s comprehensive cloud ERP system which provides employees secure access to data from any device or environment. With a unifying platform like this one in place, companies can facilitate collaboration between departments within their organization even when working remotely. 

Dynamics 365 2022 Release Wave 2 Summarized (August 1, 2022) 

Dynamics 365 released a wave of dynamic changes and enhancements for the Dynamics 365 suite. In October 2022 through March 2023, users can expect an array of new features that will revolutionize their everyday experience. With this post as your guide, explore the wealth of new features – from artificial intelligence-powered insights to enhanced user experiences.  

Overlooked Microsoft Dynamics 365 Features (August 29, 2022) 

With Dynamics 365, you can do more than just track customer relationships or manage inventory. The array of features available on this platform can take your business to the next level. With a list tailored specifically for users that have yet to explore all its potential, prepare yourself for an unexpected journey in discovering how much further it could take your workflows. 

How to Migrate from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central (September 26, 2022) 

Transitioning from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central is a great way for businesses to increase their efficiency and reduce costs. This blog post provides an overview of migrating from Dynamics GP to the cloud.  

8 Essential Questions When Choosing an ERP Consultant (October 18, 2022) 

If you’re considering an ERP system, start by consulting with a knowledgeable ERP expert who knows how to customize solutions and find out if this technology will solve problems that other systems have failed to tackle. To maximize your chance for success when selecting an ERP consultant, ask the tough questions that reveal a true commitment from them to bring out your business’ highest potential.