How to Allow Kindness and Compassion to Be the Essences of Work

This article was written by Bill Fox. See original article: Forward Thinking Workplaces Nem Bajra, CEO at Calsoft Systems, says we may use the latest technologies and management practices, but if we don’t have compassion for each other, it has no value. Earlier this year, Norman Bodek, Author of the Harada Method and Creator of […]

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft’s popular Dynamics 365 software is a combination of ERP, CRM, and BI solutions into a single product offering. It is a business platform that integrates all your departments and their operations, to give you crucial insights, to optimize and increase visibility within your organization. There are two different ERP’s to choose from within the […]

Bank reconciliation, a case for Microsoft Dynamics

As an accounting manager, bank reconciliation can be a stressful time. It is a public company’s obligation to provide the public with accurate company statements and is the responsibility of the CFO and accounting team. Costly errors for example in the fixed asset account, expense account and payroll account can be a time intensive process […]

Why ediEnterprise Is The Best Cloud ERP For Logistics Service Providers

Are you struggling to understand which cloud ERP solutions to evaluate?Let’s discuss ediEnterprise from CargoWise as a potential solution. In our opinion, ediEnterprise is one of the best ERP systems for logistics service providers (freight forwarders, warehouses, customs brokers, etc) because of its features and functionality in these categories: Intuitive user interface Efficient inventory management […]

How To Find Qualified Microsoft Dynamics Partners

ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING COMPETENCY & FINDING QUALIFIED MICROSOFT DYNAMICS PARTNERS Not only is shopping for a new ERP system confusing but trying to figure out which ERP service providers are qualified and selecting one can be even more challenging. Here are some suggestions on what to think about when evaluating ERP partners so that you […]

ERP Comparison Chart Between Dynamics AX, Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV

ERP BUYING GUIDE SERIES (Article 9 Of 10) Scroll to the bottom to see additional articles in this series. ERP Comparison Chart Between Dynamics AX, Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV So you’ve done some research and you’ve heard good things about the various Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems.But you’re still confused on the ideal fit of […]